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Sell your life insurance policy.

Life Settlements of North Florida Life Settlements Provider

   Facts You Should Know

* Average 7 times greater benefit     

   than cash surrender value.

*  No death benefit pay out

    on 85% of Universal or Whole

    Life policies.

*  No death benefit or pay out

​    on 95% of Term  Life policies.


Life Settlements of North Florida, LLCwill process your policy and get you the highest possible price if it qualifies for a life settlement.  Factors we use to evaluate how much you will receive are:

     *  Age and Health of the insured.

     *  Face amount of the policy.

     *  Annual premium.

​     *  Cash value, Loans.

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Find out what your policy could be worth.

A life settlement provides a financial edge to enhance your life.

Helping Seniors Realize Financial Options They Never Knew They Had.


We will help you benefit from otherwise

ineffective or unneeded life insurance policies by converting it into cash you can use  right now.


Utilizing years of keen insight and expertise gained from our experience and our strong strategic alliances.  We strive to provide ways for a policy holder to cash in on their policies while bringing them the highest possible price.


We passionately believe in our services and feel all seniors who no longer need, want, or can afford their life insurance policy should have knowledge of life settlements and what options are available to them.

Most senior policy owners have no idea they may be able to sell their life insurance policy. Instead, they surrender their insurance policy to their insurance company for whatever cash surrender is available.

It is amazing that 90% of life insurance policies will never pay a death benefit.  This is because at some stage most insureds will either not need their policy anymore or they can not afford the premium payments.

A life settlement allows a client to sell their life insurance policy for more than cash surrender value.  Our team has decades of experience closing life settlement transactions.

We pride ourselves on offering a competitive bidding process for our clients.  A competitive bidding process assures the policy is sold at the true market value or the highest possible price to the senior.