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General Information About Annuity Buyouts.

There are several annuity selling methods:

‚ÄčIn a straight annuity purchase, the buyer gives one lump sum and the entire annuity is transferred to the buyer.

In a partial annuity purchase only, the immediate payments are transferred but not the future ones.

In a split annuity purchase, a portion of the periodic payments is sold and the remainder is received by the seller.

In a reverse annuity purchase, the last years of payments are sold.

The annuitant has to make a decision on the most appropriate method to sell the annuity.   The best way to sell the fixed annuity is through a competitive bidding process.

    Facts You Should Know

*  According to the National

    Underwriter Company a $1 million

    policy with only $103,00

    surrender value can be worth as

    much as $638.,000.

*  Independent estimates report that

    over 50% of policies have a

    market value that exceeds the

    cash value offered by the carrier.


Every year owners of annuities make financial decisions that cost them thousands of dollars in lost money.  Money that they were completely unaware was available to them.  Annuities offer value with restrictions.  Annuities guarantee a steady income over a period of time.  However, a schedule of future payments may not assist your immediate financial needs.

Your annuity is an asset.  Just like your home,  your annuity is an asset that can be sold.

There are many reasons why you may want to sell your annuity:

     *   To use the proceeds to invest in a financial product that better fits your needs.

     *   To handle an immediate health or financial crisis.

     *   Death of original beneficiary creates an estate motivated to liquidate.

Surrendering your annuity to your insurance company is not the market value.  The reason is simple as to why you should understand what the true market value of your annuity is worth.  If you are accepting proceeds from your insurance company, less a huge penalty, without considering the market value, you may be leaving substantial money on the table.  The only way you should liquidate your annuity should be through a competitive bidding process in which multiple institutional investors bid against each other delivering a true market value and the highest possible price.

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