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   Facts You Should Know

* Average 7 times greater benefit     

   than cash surrender value.

*  No death benefit pay out

    on 85% of Universal or Whole

    Life policies.

*  No death benefit or pay out

​    on 95% of Term  Life policies.

Structure Settlements

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*   Plaintiffs who have won structured settlements and desire to sell all or part of their        payments for a lump sum.

*   The structured settlements payable and guarantee by a major insurance company.


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If you have a structured settlement, you do not have to wait for your money.  You can sell your structured settlements to financial institutions.  However,  one offer from one company may not be the highest possible price.  The true market value is what your asset is really worth.

The reason is simple as to why you should understand what the true market value of your structured settlement is worth.  If you are accepting the first offer from one company without considering the market value, you may be leaving substantial money on the table.  The only way you should sell your structured settlement is through a competitive bidding process where multiple institutional investors bid against each other delivering a true market value to the seller.

Life Settlements of North Florida, LLC. works with 20 plus institutional buyers, bidding against each other to establish the highest possible price to the seller.

Your structured settlement is an asset.  Just like your home, your structured settlement is an asset that can be sold. 

There are many reasons why you may want to sell your structured settlement.

           *  To buy a house or car

           *  Purchase a business

           *  Pay off a debt

           *  To fund a college education

Get the Highest Payout Possible for your  Structured Settlement.